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This is a personal website, created for my entertainment only. I built and maintain this website myself, in my spare time. No one pays me to do this. I paid to register my domain name myself. I pay every month to have my site hosted professionally. I have no paid advertising on my site, nor do I want any. I am NOT selling patterns or yarn or knitted items. I will not make photocopies of copyrighted work and mail them to you, either free or for payment. Please do not ask.

A lot of people think that I owe them something:

  • I get complaints that I don't post to my blog often enough -- it's not enough that I post every weekday, apparently I'm supposed to post on weekends too.
  • I get email from people asking me a question the answer to which is on my blog, either in a recent post or on the sidebar (which I find a little insulting because it means the writer doesn't want to bother reading what I've written but expects me to drop everything and send a personal response), or wants me to do an internet search for something for him/her that said writer could easily do his/herself..
  • I get email from people who want me to email them copyrighted information and patterns.
  • I get email from people who want me to knit them something for a hilariously low fee.
  • I get email from people who want me to endorse your product or advertise your website. If I use something and like it, I'll mention it. If I visit a website and find it worth mentioning, I'll mention it. If I read a book I'll post a review, if I am so moved. Like I said, this site is free. I don't accept paid advertisement and I'm not going to give you any free advertising, unless I feel the need to share my experience with a product -- good or bad.

I have a life, I have a fulltime job. I do not feel that my mission in life is to respond to people who are getting something for nothing and are still not satisfied.

If, however, you would like to email me to say something complimentary (like: "Oh! Your website is the most useful resource on the internet!" or "Oh! I just looked at your photo and can't believe how gorgeous you are!") or to ask a legitimate knitting-related question (like: "I noticed you used such-and-such a yarn for such-and-such a design -- what did you think of the yarn?" or "how difficult would you rate such-and-such a design?" or "What AS (or Dale) design would you recommend to a beginner?") please feel free to do so. I will respond politely and with good humor.

Don't get me wrong -- I do love hearing from you guys. But sometimes the best place to ask a question or say something is in my comments. That way someone else who knows the answer may be able to supply it before I can get to it.

Thank you.