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Knowing how to knit well is a lovely skill and a hobby most of us take for granted. Knitting is one of the hobbies you should appreciate the most when it comes to finding a good partner. Those who love knitting are often very cozy, fun and creative people. At the start, you will notice they can knit anything that comes into their mind and bring a smile on the faces of many people around them. This is a great thing, especially if they are looking to stay with you for the rest of their life. Want to date a knitter and you are looking for reasons why they make the best partners? Here are five great reasons why you should start dating a knitter right now! 

1. Knitters Do Not Require A Lot Of Attention And They Are Not Needy

If your partner loves knitting and they love to spend time doing it, they will have no problems knitting no matter what they are doing. Knitters are often those who will be fine watching football, documentaries about gold-digging and all of the boring things most would never agree to watch. They will sit through all of it as long as they are knitting something and focusing on that. Dating a knitter means you do not have to spend a lot of money on fancy restaurants and nights out, they are happy as long as you are around them and they can knit in peace. 

2. They Are Great At Multitasking

Knitters are great multi-taskers, they can be knitting, watch a movie and talk to you at the same time. And not only that, but some of them even combine cooking and knitting together. Who would have thought dating a knitter would be such an awesome thing?

3. They Come Up With Great Gifting Ideas

If your girlfriend or boyfriend loves to knit, it is certain they will always come up with original gifts and knit surprises for you and the people around them. Their gifts come from the heart and are one of the gifts you should appreciate the most. 

4. Knitting Makes Them Seem Like Very Creative And Fun People

If your partner does well as a knitter, it is most likely everyone calls them crafty/creative and wants to be friends with them. People like to meet and get to know those who are good at crafty things, they know these people know how to be productive and still have a lot of fun meanwhile doing so. 

5. They Make Sure No One Around Them Is Cold

Dating a knitter also means you will simply never be cold around them. Those who knit, they have a habit of knitting a bunch of blankets, shawls, cardigans and all kinds of socks and gifting them to people whom they find important. Find someone who is all about knitting love and let them show you how warm you can really be, even in the winter!

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